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News Mailing - August 2010

3M/Checkpoint Compatible Library Labels. Cost Effective & Made In Canada, By CSI.

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At CSI we’ve sold hundreds of millions of EM strips to libraries in more than 40 countries. Why? Because we offer a range of EM library products that surpass customer requirements in three critical, competitive areas – quality and reliability, technical compatibility and above all, price.

For more than 20 years, CSI has built a global reputation as a serious, successful and innovative Canadian manufacturer of EM products, utilizing the highest quality of pressure sensitive materials, amorphous alloys and deactivation materials. Plus, we offer the added flexibility of custom product development, prototyping, testing and manufacturing.

CSI EM Tail Tag products offer guaranteed compatibility with every major library theft prevention system in use today. And our popular Series 1 and Series 6 offer a cost effective EM product alternative for use with your existing 3M & Checkpoint / Meto systems.

At CSI, we also know that the international market for EM library labels is highly price competitive. But at CSI, we’re proud to offer our “Made In Canada” quality and reliability at price points that make competitive sense for you and your customers.

Let us send you a sample pack of our Tail Tag products. Call us today at (866) 994.0338 or please go to our new website, to see how our expanded EAS and Source Tagging products and services, can benefit your business.


Josie Sipione

Manager, Marketing and Customer Relations

YES - Please send me a free sample pack of CSI EM Tail Tag products

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