Apparel & Accessories Applications

The soft goods or apparel sector includes products that require a somewhat different approach in order to be a part of an effective source-tagging program at the retail level. Generally considered to be a major theft area, there are certain categories of apparel that stand out as significant problems.

Outerwear, intimate apparel, swimwear and jeans, as well as designer merchandise of all types is particularly prone to theft. Other retail categories prone to high levels of theft include sporting goods such as branded apparel, footwear, handbags, jewellery and sport specific gloves. In department and discount stores, the home fashion segment is a perennial problem.

CSI Apparel/Accessories EAS Products

CSI offers a variety of Sew-in, Drop In and Hang Tag labels designed to satisfy unique aesthetic, demographic and point of sale requirements. All are compatible with Acousto Magnetic (AM), Radio Frequency (RF) and Electromagnetic (EM) sensor technologies and are made with tested and field-proven materials.

Moreover, CSI is able to manufacture apparel tags incorporating multiple sensors to alleviate Brand Owners and Retailers from the significant costs of maintaining separate inventories for different EAS technologies.