High Speed Source Tagging

The first concern of Packagers and Production Managers responsible for the high speed application of loss prevention labels at source is product quality, consistency and reliability.

With application machines and production lines running at up to 12k and 15k per hour, slow down or downtime due to inconsistent source tag quality can become a major irritant. However, product quality is no less important than product availability which is paramount in such scenarios as the "rush" of new product introductions, or even the day to day requirements of "just in time" delivery of source tagging products to meet daily production needs.

CSI Source Tagging Products For High Speed Application

CSI source tagging products are renowned for high quality and "runability". However, CSI quality and reliability not only addresses individual product requirements and specifications, it extends throughout the whole process, from initial Sales and Purchasing, through the entire manufacturing process, to logistics and transportation required to ensure on time delivery.