Library Applications

Libraries have a special need for highly robust anti-theft solutions that can be easily activated and deactivated for an unlimited number of times, while being adaptable to a wide range of items including books, magazines, video tapes, CD/DVD’s and Archival documents. Moreover, libraries require a compact solution that can be discreetly inserted between pages, book spines and various library items.

In particular, Reference Libraries have very strict guidelines and specifcations in terms of protecting their valuable archival publications and documents.

CSI Library EAS Products

CSI Electro Magnetic (EM) products are ideal for serving the needs of libraries. Both compact and highly robust, EM anti theft labels are also very cost effective while lending themselves to a wide range of library product applications. CSI also offers a unique barcode identification label which incorporates an EM Security Strip with a sequential numbering system.

CSI Library labels are easy to apply and will function at peak performance for many years. CSI has a reputation throughout the world for excellence in quality and customer service.