OTC & HBA Applications

The Over The Counter (OTC) and Health & Beauty Aids (HBA) category includes a wide array of high value personal care products that are hugely popular with department stiore shoppers and particulalry with shop lifters. Given the high volumes of OTC and HBA products that are sold every day, retailers have largely determined that all category items must be "tagged" at source.

Those items typically include the following -

* Beard, Hair & Mustache Trimmers
* Blood Glucose Monitors
* Blood Pressure Monitors
* Chloresterol Test Kits
* Condoms
* Cosmetics
* Dental Products
* Diabetic Test Strips & Monitoring Kits
* Diet Aids
* Digital Thermometors
* Electronic Razors & Replacement Heads
* Fragrances
* Hair Growth Products
* Inhalers
* Joint Medication
* Laxatives
* OTC Products
* Ovulation Test Kits
* Pain Patches
* Personal Trimmers
* Poison Ivy Treatment
* Pregnancy Test Kits
* Private Label OTC Products
* Razor Blades
* Scar Therapy Medication
* Shower Heads
* Skincare Products
* Smoking Cessation Products
* Thermometers
* Tooth Whitening Products
* Vitamins


Due to both product and particularly packaging requirements, new OTC/HBA products often require an innovative and sometimes customized approach to the development of a suitable EAS products.

At CSI, we offer a wealth of experience in assisting with special EAS product development, including working closely with Brand Owners and Packagers to ensure complete "real world" testing before entering production.

CSI offers OTC/HBA EAS products in singular or multiple EM, RF and AM tagged products.