Sporting Goods Applications

The Sporting Goods industry is comprised of approximately $85 billion in annual retail sales in North America. It is an evolving market made up of small regional players to big-box chains. The key trade association for this industry, the National Sporting Goods Association (NSGA), has recently endorsed source tagging and offers its members special discounts for those who choose to adopt source tagging.

Source tagging product categories within the Sporting Goods market include:

* Baseball
* Golf
* Fishing
* Apparel
* Footwear
* Camping
* Hunting
* Skiing
* Racquets
* Electronics
* Paintball
* Optic

CSI Sporting Goods EAS Products

CSI offers a range of AM, RF and combination sensor security tags for Sporting Goods retail items suitable both for in-store and source tagging requirements. Formats include Drop In, Wrap, Hang Tag and general merchandise (GML) tags that are also able to be printed.