CSI Consulting

  • EAS Specifications
  • Compliance Issues
  • Packager Requirements
  • Risk Assessment
  • Source Tagging Solutions

CSI Product Development

  • Research & Development
  • Engineering Specifications
  • Prototyping
  • Testing
  • Manufacturing

CSI Manufacturing

  • High Speed / High Volume
  • Flexible Lead Times
  • EM, AM, RF, RFID
  • Multi Label Tags
  • Competitive Pricing

CSI Product Development

At CSI, we know from experience that "One size" seldom "fits all".

The diversity of products for sale, their susceptibility to theft and differences in retail environments often impose the need for development of a custom EAS product or source tagging solutions. In turn, design and development of custom products and solutions requires extensive prototyping and testing to ensure that the solution successfully meets operational objectives.

CSI’s in-house research and development facility has the unique knowledge, know-how and specialized equipment necessary for the successful development, prototyping and testing of custom products and solutions to meet the most demanding EAS source tagging requirements.

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