CSI Consulting

  • EAS Specifications
  • Compliance Issues
  • Packager Requirements
  • Risk Assessment
  • Source Tagging Solutions

CSI Product Development

  • Research & Development
  • Engineering Specifications
  • Prototyping
  • Testing
  • Manufacturing

CSI Manufacturing

  • High Speed / High Volume
  • Flexible Lead Times
  • EM, AM, RF, RFID
  • Multi Label Tags
  • Competitive Pricing

CSI Quality Control

At CSI, we make many different types of security tags and labels and we follow practices that have been developed over 20 years to ensure that the products purchased by our customers in over 40 countries around the world meet their needs and high standards.

At CSI, quality begins with raw materials. We choose our materials carefully, purchasing our signal and deactivation materials from two of the largest and most reputable suppliers in the business. We keep tight control of the procurement process to ensure that the quality of the papers, films and adhesives we use is consistent.

Our Quality Control team monitors every phase of the manufacturing process, from incoming inspection of purchased materials to random sample evaluation throughout the manufacturing process. All of this information is logged and samples are kept in a cool, dry environment for many years in the event that problems occur in the field. In addition, our quality assurance systems are supported by extensive documentation and internal audits, all reinforced by on-going training, certification and continuous improvement.

Most important, the members of the Quality Control team have the authority and obligation to stop the production process when problems are observed and to initiate changes. Moreover, they play an important role in working with our R&D department to develop improved materials and processes.

At CSI, we believe that consistent high quality drives manufacturing efficiencies. This results in lower costs with the highest product quality and lower selling prices. These are CSI’s magic ingredients for customer satisfaction, because you, our customers, are our priority.

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