We Understand The Needs Of Packagers.

Manufacturers and Packagers are key stakeholders in the success of a source tagging solution.

They are responsible for relieving Retailers from costly and labour intensive "in store" tagging, by implementation and integration of loss prevention sensors into products or packaging, "at source". However, considering that integration of a source tagging solution occurs during the manufacturing, assembly or packaging process, it is imperative that the source tagging products be supplied reliably and cost-effectively in formats that lend themselves to high speed application.

How CSI Can Help

At CSI, we offer the widest variety of EAS and source tagging products supported by high speed, high volume manufacturing capabilities, especially required for new product launches. For those alternative situations that demand new or innovative solutions, CSI also offers a dedicated R&D resource with the capabilities and specialized equipment necessary for the successful development of custom solutions, including engineering, prototyping and extensive testing, both in-house and at the customer's production facilities.

For more information on how CSI might assist your EAS or source tagging challenges, please follow up with a member of our CSI Consulting Team.

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