We Understand The Needs Of Retailers.

Retailers are on the front line in the fight to reduce retail shrinkage. In North America, most retailers have invested in two competing EAS technologies, RF and AM. Unfortunately, the success of both technologies has impeded efforts to establish successful source tagging programs, since Brand Owners have resisted splitting their production to accommodate two (or even three) different sensors and related product inventories.

As a consequence, many Retailers have had little choice but to continue tagging at the store level (often covering up graphics or instructions with a label), or moving high-loss OTC, HBA and Electronic Entertainment products from the sales floor to more secure and cost intensive display locations.

How CSI Can Help

Beyond supplying a wide array of single sensor EAS products addressing Sew In, Drop In, Wraps, Pressure Sensitive, Printed Needs and much more, CSI also manufactures multiple sensor tags. Our MEL, Dual Tag and Tri Tag labels provide combined functionality necessary to solve the source tagging challenges for large retailers. At CSI, we understand the technical and compliance issues to assist in supporting the coordination amongst Brand Owner and Packager supply chain partners required to make it all work.

If you would like more ideas on how to solve your EAS or Source Tagging challenges, we suggest that you follow up with a member of our CSI Consulting Team who would be pleased to speak or meet with you.

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