About Source Tagging

Increasingly, in the interest of efficiency and cost savings, a large and growing number of Electronic Article Surveillance (EAS) products are being applied by product manufacturers, at the source. For example, by sewing a tag into soft goods items, or by applying a pressure sensitive label inside a product package, or even integrating a tag within the actual product, manufacturers can achieve a level of protection and compliance. The application of EAS tags at the store level does not achieve the same results.

Demand for the adoption of Source Tagging was originally driven by some of the largest retail organizations in the world. Today, as a result of widespread acceptance, source tagging benefits retailers of all sizes across many market segments.

How CSI Can Help

The complexities of identifying needs and developing specific source tagging solutions can be daunting. If you are unsure of your specific requirements, we suggest that you follow up with a member of our CSI Consulting Team who would be pleased to speak or meet with you.

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