Electro Magnetic (EM) Technologies

The Electro Magnetic (EM) system is used by many retail chain stores, supermarkets and particularly, by libraries around the world.

With the EM technology, a long, narrow pressure sensitive strip containing a special ferrous alloy and incorporating a harmonic generating signal, is attached to the merchandise. Depending on the application, these strips can be deactivatable (On / OFF) or non-deactivatable (always on), a feature ideal for library checkout applications.

CSI EM Products

At CSI, our electro magnetic labels are manufactured in our plant and are all made with high quality pressure sensitive materials, amorphous alloys and deactivation materials. Following is a list of CSI EM product including amorphous signal ribbons and guaranteed compatibility with popular theft prevention systems:

CSI Series 8 2.2 mm wide ribbon Compatibility with Sensormatic P Systems
CSI Series 0 1.5 mm wide ribbon Compatibility with 3M Systems
CSI Series 1 1.0 mm wide ribbon Compatibility with 3M, Knogo, Sentry Systems
CSI Series 6 0.65 mm wide ribbon Compatibility with Checkpoint/Meto, Gateway, Dialoc Systems

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